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Although we can supply a range of rather unusual garage doors including horizontally sliding, low headroom rollers and sectional, by far and away our most popular selling door is the SeceuroGlide Roller Door.

Unlike the ubiquitous up-and-over garage door, the SeceuroGlide has no springs to break nor any scissor action that could trap little fingers. With this door held captive along each side and along the top, when closed the door rests firmly on the ground resulting in a very secure and weather resistant door protecting your car and property.

Electrically operated by push-switch or remote control from the car, along with a manual override in case of a power failure.

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Automatic Operation
Minimum Loss of Precious Storage Space
Durability & Reliability
Current Regulations

Automatic Operation
The door was designed exclusively with an electric motor as an integral feature. Other garage doors have been designed first and foremost to be operated manually and offer an electric motor as an 'add-on' option.

Incorporating the motor into the basic design makes for a dramatic fundamental improvement to door design, primarily because it eliminates the need for external springs and levers, the benefits of which will become clear later.

is the most secure door currently available. Each side of the door is firmly held in place by a deep channel section down the full height of the door; the bottom edge sits firmly on the floor and is securely locked shut by an ingenious automatic system. You know that if the door is fully down then it is locked. There are absolutely no gaps along the sides, bottom or top of the door that could invite would-be intruders to affect a forced entry.

Another feature found to be an effective deterrent is the elimination of any external handles or other protrusions. The external surface of this door is entirely free of such items. The gentle curvature of the slats makes it virtually impossible to get a griphold on the door.

Most of us will have heard of at least one instance where someone has had their up-and-over door come out of its tracks and onto their car or perhaps worse.

Our door overcomes this potential danger by utilising a design that is basically self-supporting rather than suspended from the ceiling or walls of the garage.

The two extruded aluminium side channels that are firmly seated take the main weight of the entire unit on the floor of the garage. This ensures that no strain whatsoever is placed on the structure of your garage. This fact is of particular importance in those situations where the garage is constructed from concrete sections.

Another important safety feature of this door is that having been designed specifically for electric operation, it is possible to dispense with operating springs, support tracks, pulleys, wires, levers and cables. In other words, all the potentially dangerous parts of a normal garage door have been eliminated.

This includes the highly dangerous scissor action arms that are an essential feature of all retractable up-and-over mechanisms and which seemingly offer a fascination for 'inquisitive little fingers' which can all too easily become trapped or injured.

When the door is opening or closing, the ONLY accessible moving part is the door curtain itself and as this is retained in the side channels, only vertical travel is permitted. Ordinary up-and-over doors require to swing outwards and upward so they could cause injury or damage to an unsuspecting person or a vehicle that has been parked too close. With an ordinary motorised up-and-over garage door, the motor drive is fitted several feet away from the door so requires a means of transmitting the drive from the rotary motion of the motor to the linear motion required by the door. This is often achieved by means of a 'bicycle chain' and so presents yet another danger should the chain break. With this door the drive motor is fitted inside the shaft itself and the rotary drive is transmitted directly to the door curtain eliminating any possible danger.

Minimum Loss of Precious Storage Space
With every ordinary automatic garage door you will have to sacrifice some valuable storage space to accommodate the door when in the 'open' position. Whether it is an up-and-over or a slide-round type you will have to be prepared to lose access to an area equivalent to the size of your door, precious space that you can probably ill afford to lose.

Not with this door however. Owing to its clever design this door will retract into the roof of your garage taking up an incredibly small area of less than 30cm x 30cm. If even that is more space than you would like to lose then another special feature of our door is that it can be fitted externally. This option means that not only do you retain 100% garage space but also you can effectively increase the length of your garage by as much as 35cm without carrying out any structural alterations.

Durability & Reliability
A garage door is usually the most frequently used moving component in any house. Unlike windows that may be opened occasionally and possibly not at all during the winter months, garage doors are usually opened and closed several times each day, whatever the weather. Given that the average life of a garage door is more than twenty years, it will be operated thousands of times during the course of its lifetime; so you will need to be confident that the door you select will give you trouble- free service for a very long time.

This is another area where a SeceuroGlide scores highly. Designed and manufactured in Germany, the slats used in the construction of the curtain are precision engineered, as you would expect. They are also factory painted with a stove-enamelled finish and are unlikely to require further painting throughout their life.

Each slat is carefully produced to precise dimensions from aluminium, which will not rust, filled with CFC free foam insert. Apart from offering a valuable insulation bonus for your garage and its contents, it also serves to make an extremely robust and damage resistant door.

Unlike many doors that only perform well for a year or two; you can be confident that with such a pedigree, our door will continue to give you trouble-free service throughout its entire lifetime. There are already many of these doors installed throughout the UK & Europe giving testimony to their practicality and reliability.

This high security door will also satisfy the present day requirement for conservation of materials.

In the unfortunate event of the door becoming damaged, you simply replace the damaged slats rather than throw away the entire door, as would be the case with an up-and-over door.

The electric motor is also cleverly protected from possible damage by being situated within the shaft itself. This shaft, which rotates and carries the weight of the door, is mounted on ‘sealed-for-life’ roller bearings so as to ensure smooth operation. All steel parts are either heavily plated or of stainless steel to prevent rusting.

Most ordinary garage doors have gaps along the top, bottom and most of each side, allowing wind, rain, dirt even leaves and snow, to blow into your garage.

Not so with the SeceuroGlide. The almost draught-proof design combined with foam insulation will give you more protection from the hostile elements than you ever thought possible.

If yours is an integral garage then you will also find that your home remains much cleaner and considerably warmer.

Current Regulations
SeceuroGlide is compliant with the latest European product directives and standards including BSEN 13241-1.

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