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Electric Driveway Gates

Electrically operated gate installations can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. It is important that you decide which facilities you require before placing an order as it is invariably more expensive to add facilities at a later date. Similarly, it is important that you do not waste money installing facilities that are unnecessary for your requirements.

This is why we spend as much time as is necessary discussing with our clients the best 'modus operandi' that will meet their requirements. It is only when we have a full picture of a potential customer's needs that we can offer sensible advice based on our twenty years' experience installing electrically operated gates.

Comprehensive CCTV systems.
Battery back-up in case of power failures.
Solar power for stand-alone systems.
Activation by means of remote control, coded touch switch, ground based induction loops or from within your home or work place.
Laser safety curtains.

We also offer comprehensive maintenance and servicing contracts tailored to suit our customers installations.

At Synektics we ensure all of our installations comply with the current safety regulations, this requires the use of a specialist force tester to accurately analyse the gates when in motion.

All gate installations, new or existing are required to meet these regulations and at Synektics we're able to offer services to test and if necessary, update your gate installation to ensure that safety compliance is achieved.

If your concerned that your gate installation may not meet the current regulations then give us a call and we'll talk you through what's involved in the testing process.

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Long arm electohydraulic opener
Long arm electohydraulic opener
sliding gate

Video gate station
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Solar powered
vertical rise
field gate
opening manual
field gate
Double gates
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