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Awnings in Hampshire, Berkshire or Surrey

Come Rain or Come shine.

You will be amazed just how much a custom made awning will enhance your lifestyle. 

Bring your garden into your home
Extend your home into your garden

Protect your family from the sun's harmful rays. Continue sitting, even eating outdoors during light summer showers and extend balmy summer evenings protected from the nighttime dew that would otherwise have driven you indoors.

Wide range of style and designs.
Manual or electric operation.
Widths up to 7 metres and 4 metres projection.

All the awnings that we supply are solidly built and should not be compared with flimsy awnings offered by some suppliers.

Our range of awnings is quite varied and we can provide awnings for almost ANY situation. Below are brief details of the different types available. Long gone are the days when an awning was just an awning. The awning industry has become increasingly sophisticated over the past few years. In order that you can be sure that you are aware of ALL your options, if you live in Hampshire, Berkshire or Surrey let us show you, with our special computer programme, our full range of products. We also have a sun compass programme which will enable you to see how your shade will differ with different size awnings on your home.

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More Drop than Width
Intergrated Halogen Lighting
Pitch Adjustment Gear
Retractable Side Screen
Paraflex Parasols



The classical awning that can become a gable-shaped awning ensuring that in the event of a heavy shower, the water runs off so you can still sit out.

More Drop than Width

There are terraces and balconies that have a shape that is a little different to others: Narrow but very deep. Of course there is a suitable awning for such cases – with especially strong folding arms for a secure hold and perfect cover tensioning.


Simply block out blinding rays of sun or inquisitive glances using Shadeplus.

An additional roller tube is fitted in the front profile from which a second awning cover can be lowered. A wonderful, shady, additional room in the open air is thus created.

Intergrated Halogen Lighting

The right lighting creates a good atmosphere. Three or five swivelling halogen spotlights are discretely intergrated in the front profile.

Who says that light sources for the balcony and terrace can only be fitted on the house wall? These halogen lights transform your sun protection in the evening into a romantically lit setting.

Pitch Adjustment Gear

Using this unique pitch adjustment gear you can change the pitch angle from 4° to 85°. If the sun is low you simply lower your awning further.

The pitch angle of most awnings can only be defined once, that is during initial fitting. With pitch adjustment gear you can adjust your awning at any time via a winding handle.


A totally stylish combination: half vertical blind, half drop-arm awning and completely functional.

This blind/awning hybrid is particularly good and secure - thanks to the high-quality slide mechanism with optimised gas-primed pistons and windlock mechanism.

Retractable Side Screen

These are some situations where a single awning cannot fully protect you from the sun throughout the day. In these instances one of our retractable side screens could provide the answer. They can also provide privacy particularly on a balcony situation.

Top Hung

Wall Mounted

Paraflex Parasols

This wall mounted parasol could be the answer in situations where it is not possible to fit a conventional awning.

The patented system, with sectional arm and tilting canopy allows you to create shade where YOU want. The 2700mm diameter conopy is washable and comes in six standard colours.

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